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 About Roxanne 

Roxanne has always had an affinity for styling hair but it took time for her to discover her desire to be a professional. She started her career as a jazz singer and actress. When producers and directors learned of her natural skills, she inevitably ended up designing the hair looks and wigs for the shows she was cast in.... Jump to few years later, after a busy Halloween where she ended up styling 3 wigs for friends and a bevy of pin up beauties, she decided to dedicate her life to cosmetology.  Roxanne attended Paul Mitchell the School Sherman Oaks.


Since she began her professional hairstyling career Roxanne has been lucky enought to have styled hair for film, photoshoots and MANY weddings and special events. Roxanne can currently be found cutting, coloring and styling at Garrett Markenson Coiffure in Santa Clarita, CA. You can experience her talents for yourself by booking an appointment and letting her share her passion with you!


“If your hair is done well and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.” -Iris Apfel -

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